A quick quiz. Which of these do you agree with?

1) Your intelligence is fixed at birth.

2) You can change your personality.

3) Some people are creative, others aren't.

4) You can achieve anything with practice.

If you agree with the 1st and the 3rd statement, you are coming from a fixed mindset. If you agreed with the 2nd and 4th, you have a growth mindset.

So, hi there. Hope everything is upbeat!

Today we're going to hover over the biggest obstacle hindering the path to our goals and we'll realize that it is us who have set up this barrier for ourselves. What I am hinting towards is "Self set limitations". How do you define your limit? Is it something you have achieved so far or is it something that you think you can conquer only in your dreams? Well, let me tell you here, both of them are just the limitations set up by your mind. The fact is you can achieve more and literally anything imaginable and unimaginable. It is us who set a benchmark in our minds about what is possible.

So, the key to growth lies in erasing these barriers and setting a higher standard for yourself, every time. Setting limitations is the worst way to approach a goal because, at times, you might need to run the extra mile to actually reach it. So why be our own chains when in reality, there is no fixed limit of what an individual can achieve.

Firstly, believe that 'You are limitless and capable of anything and everything' and then look towards your goal. You will be surprised to see that your dream demands just a fraction of what you are actually capable of. This will reduce the burden of your goals and you will work optimistically and with ease.

As it is rightly said, " Don't tell me that the sky is the limit when we have footprints on the moon."


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