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Here’s a bitter truth: The world does not revolve around you!

Neither does it around any one of us.

Well, if you didn’t feel a blow in your gut when you heard this, you’re already a step ahead. But if you did, slow down, my are not the center of this universe.

It is high time we realize that "the point of everyone’s life is not to make me happy". But how many of us really believe this? How often do we find ourselves annoyed by someone else's behavior? How often do we judge people for not being like us? How often do we feel unsatisfied with what people do for us?

If we reflect deeply, 99% of us are not accepting of others. This, as a result, leads to unhappiness that is solely bred from what others do.

Don’t you think it is better to be in charge of your emotions and not feel the way you don’t want to by what someone else is doing? Because, The Fault in our Stars, a book that is a gem in itself, aptly states: “The world is not a wish-granting factory” and a lack of acceptance of this truth frequently leads us to positions where our expectations with others overtax our minds.

So, here are a few, sure-shot ways to be accepting of the people around you.

1. Throw light on the positives

One of the major reasons we hold ourselves back from accepting someone is because we run them down a scan for the negatives. And the fact here is, you will always find some results out of this. Therefore, focus on what is good about a person and his/her choices and actions.

2. Watch your thoughts

Think about what you’re thinking about. Many times, we are unknowingly judging a person in our mind, and the mind, in turn, creates an image of that person, even without you realizing it. This preconceived view about a person will reflect in your actions and words towards them. So, stop. Work on paying more attention to your thoughts and push them in a non-judgmental, more accepting direction.

3. Stop this with yourself

When I talk about acceptance, we frequently find ourselves in situations when we are not even at peace with ourselves. Many of us are in a habit of constantly and unnecessarily criticizing ourselves for the way we look, behave, talk or walk. If you stop putting this pressure on yourself and loosen up a bit, you’ll do the same with others.

4. Stop labeling: right or wrong

Something that someone is doing or anything that you are doing need not be either right or wrong. They can be none if you choose to accept things and people the way they are. We have to cut that temptation of seeing life in black and white. Life has its colors, embrace them.

5. Turn the tables

Ask yourself: how would you feel if someone was constantly judging you and not considering you worthy of their acceptance? It is not a great feeling, right? We feel that pressure...and so do they.

Clearly, many of us have a lot of work to do in this direction. But here is a tip: a prerequisite to a ‘wider acceptance policy’ in your mind is a broadened view. Meet people with an open mind, stop connecting others' actions to your emotions.

I repeat here: I hate to break it to you but the world does not revolve around you; it hasn’t for anyone and it won’t, for you. Create your own happiness because happiness is an inside job!


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