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Its often said,"Be positive", but How???

The answer lies in the art of SELF TALK. Yes, we're all constantly talking to ourselves; it's just that we don't realize it, most of the time. I'll explain it to you using a true story: Right until the year 1954, nobody had run the mile in less than 4 minutes. The world settled to find reasons to "Why one can't run the mile in under 4 mins?" So the world's self talk was "It cannot be done". But a student of sports in England, named Roger Bannister had a different self talk. He said "I can do it". He kept on doing his self talk to keep himself motivated until one day he crashed through the four-minute-mile barrier in 3 minutes 59 seconds.

But it didn't end that very same year, 27 runners ran the mile in less than 4 minutes. In the next year, the number raised to 235. Do you realize some thing, here? How was this possible? It happened because after Bannister's record, the world started saying, "IT CAN BE DONE", and so many did it.

The power of self affirmation knows no limits. When you believe you can, trust me, you will. So start believing without a doubt. Its all linked up: when you believe in yourself, you feel good, you feel positive and in turn you feel motivated. And when you're motivated, you work harder and in turn achieve higher.

So where does it start from?..Yes, SELF TALK.

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