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Let’s kick-start the conversation with this question: “Do you think you are confident?”. If you did not instantaneously agree, there’s some work ahead of you, my friend.

Confidence is one of those out-shining qualities that leave us in awe of someone. In my perception, being confident is like being adorned by sequins head-to-toe; because what confidence radiates stands out to be the brightest. I chose to write about self-confidence because I perceive it to be at the top of my list of strengths.

Well, according to me no one is ‘born’ confident as it is something that can only be self-taught. You cannot do it if you do not want to. No matter what, there is a certain charisma enveloping the people who exhale confidence with every breath- this is the power of confidence.

My firm belief in confidence roots from the day, when I was about 14, when my mum told me, ‘Confidence is like a universal attire, it will go with anything, anywhere and at any time and will make sure you are your best, at any given point.’ And nothing holds me back from saying- It has worked every single time.

You can do everything and still be nothing if you don’t back it up with confidence. In the first place, one can’t start the right way if one does not believe in oneself and her/his aspirations. You know, it is like the foundation for a magnificent piece of art.

So far we’ve talked about what self-confidence means and what I perceive of it. Well, now let me break down the process of practicing it.

1. Photoshop your image

Just like they say, fake it till you make it. Set up a confident, vibrant, and driven image of yourself in your mind, because then, sooner or later you would exactly be that one.

2. Body posture

It is scientifically proven that a confident person always stands with his/her body upright and with non-drooping shoulders. It is also observed when you try ‘power posing’, your posture and decision-making are positively affected.

3. Repel negativity

Positive thinking and confidence are like the cause and consequence of one another. People who are confident about their decisions and efforts and likely to be positive about the results and criticisms that they face.

4. Dress for success

This said, feeling and appearing confident has less to do with what you’re wearing but more about how you’re feeling inside those clothes. Make sure to choose those attires that automatically lift your chin. This is a great way to start and make confidence a default quality. You will see that ultimately, what you wear won’t matter as you would be comfortable in your skin.

5. Remember, it is a process

As I said, it has to be self-taught and this will take time. Make sure to keep self-correcting and improving each time you portray a confident self of yours. Shoulders upright, body straight, eye-contact on point and start acting confident and see how things unfold.

To sum up, confidence is more like a state of mind. It is the fuel that gives you the ability to try new things, take more risks, work harder and achieve more. So, begin today and level your game up with confidence.


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