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Believe it or not, life begins every morning. A fresh start, a new belief- there is a sense of possibility that every morning brings along. It is a proven fact- the way you do your morning, affects your day, immensely.

There are days when we wake up feeling miserable or directionless. But it is important to realize that the day has just begun and we can do so much through the day. Creating a fabulous morning is in our hands and let’s bring forward some great ways to do so! These would require no more than 10 minutes and as it is said, “If you don’t have ten minutes to yourself, you don’t have a life.”

But as a prerequisite, make sure you look forward to mornings and see that mornings are peaceful and beautiful. (I am an admirer of mornings, myself!) Keep reading for some easy morning routine ideas to help you have the most pleasantly positive start to your day.

1) Drink water

Drinking water on an empty stomach, urges to move our bowels and helps flushing out the toxins from our bodies. Having a glass or two of water, first thing in the morning can really help you jumpstart your day, feeling fresh.

2) Practice Gratitude

Start your day with a short vote of thanks in your mind or list three things that you can be grateful for, today. By incorporating this into your routine, you will maintain a positive outlook by reminding yourself of the abundance in your life.

3) Write your morning pages

Writing daily morning pages will help you synchronize the day to a major extent. Writing down our thoughts is an amazing way to process your feelings and this also helps in recognizing and holding on to the positive thoughts throughout the day.

4) Listen to or read something ‘motivational’

If you are feeling low, listening to or reading something inspiring and assuring can uplift your vibes significantly. It can help you readily dive into the task of rocking the day. The resonating message or thought that you will encounter shall persist in your mind as you move through the hours.

5) Meditate

There are so many benefits of meditation like self-awareness, mental clarity, and stress relief. Meditation can calm when you're feeling anxious or ‘not so soothing’. It has the power to settle you down when you are overwhelmed. And who does not know of the health benefits that meditation brings along! This routine demands efforts but its benefits are hands down, one of the best ones you can gift yourself.

6) Listen to music

Listen to your favorite tunes (preferably, happy and uplifting ones) to feel the day in your favor. This is a great way to start the day the way you like it. This is because it is important to convince yourself that things are coming in your way to keep moving forward.

7) Start your day with something NEW!

This can be experimenting with your morning beverage, trying a new attire for the day, listening to new songs or trying a new exercise. I’m sure you have enough ideas to lay hands on. A slight change and experimentation never fails to feel good. It gives us the vital message of 'there is more to life’ in the form of little things we often ignore or take for granted.

Honestly, I myself am in the pursuit of making my mornings count! These are a few ideas I had in mind to share with you. Try one or more of these and let me know how it feels. I’m sure you will craft a great start to your day. And a day that starts well, ends well (provided we remain persistent in our thoughts and actions).

So yeah, A new day. A new blessing. A new hope. A new possibility. Let’s make this one the best one yet.


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