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Diving straight in, tell me, who likes to fail?

"Shreya, is that even a question? No one likes to fail!"

And when you say this, I agree with you completely. We all hate to fail.

But let me tell you here, failure is just as certain as day and night. What is universal amongst all of us is that we have failed, and we will fail. But what is unique to some people is ‘what they do after failing’.

Failure is a terrible sight. True, it feels awful when something you thought would work doesn’t come your way. But how will we recognize our success if we never know what failure tastes like? And trust me, the most valuable thing that you can make is a mistake. Despite hating them so much, they are our dearest companions. Because what we learn from failing, again and again, is something no one else can teach. When the mistakes are our own, the lessons also become ours. We tend to learn and grow more through the mistakes we make and not through what we got right.

Now, there are two ways, two broad ways in which people approach or accept failures.

Type number one- those who feel their failure just yelled at them, ‘Give up! It’s not your cup of tea.” And type number two- those who can hear that silent whisper of the failure saying, “It won’t work like this, try another way.” Wrapping yourself in self-pity, regret, and using coffee or ice cream to feel better is an instinct. It is okay to cry a river over what went wrong. But what is important is that you get up, build a bridge and get over it. Not ignore it; analyze it. Traceback your steps, involve people to help you out with that, but look till you find where you went wrong. And if you can highlight that, you are 90% ready for your next, better step.

Behind one successful story are a hundred unseen failures that stand tall as pillars of experience and knowledge. Be sure about not making the same mistake twice, because then you’re just denying yourself the privilege of making new mistakes and growing through them. Fail, fail, and fail, but don’t forget to rise each time. Our comebacks are what make our setbacks purposeful.

So, let’s make failures our close friends and take pride in being weathered by life and circumstances, because as they say, “don’t fear failure, fear the absence of progress”.


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