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In this post, I would like to shed light upon a key ingredient which prevents disappointment from taking over. This important aspect that we often overlook is PATIENCE - being patient and persistent in your work. We often tend to feel disappointed when our efforts do not breed results when we expect them to. This may lead to some giving up on what they were doing. But can't it be that, maybe the goal that we want to see or feel takes more time to become real? Can't it be that, some more effort is required for it to blossom? I'll link this with a story.

Once a man sow seeds of both bamboo and fern. He gave them light, water and the correct nutrition, every day, for a year. The fern quickly grew from the earth and its brilliant green covered the floor. But nothing came out from the bamboo seed. He decided to water it for one more year and see if something comes out. Another year passed by and the fern became bigger and brighter but still nothing could be seen to arise from the bamboo seed. Three years rolled by, still nothing. Four years and yet nothing at all surfaced. But the man did not give up. After the fifth year, one day, he saw a tiny sprout emerge from the earth. And within the next 6 months, the bamboo shot up to be 20 feet tall. For five long years, the bamboo was busy growing its roots and working patiently, under the soil-cover, to shoot up. The man did his job diligently, every day. Despite being delayed, the results that came out were exponential. Had the man lost hope on the bamboo seed and stopped watering it, he would not have witnessed the heights that the bamboo was capable of.

The same is with the efforts that we put hoping to reap something. Losing hope is an easier option, anyday. But does that actually help us reach where we want to? It can happen that our aim requires just another step to be accomplished but we turn back thinking it is too late. Believe me, it is never late. What others gave upon can be conquered by you, provided you stick to it till the last bit it demands.

This is difficult but one must know that nothing in nature blooms all year. Trust the timing of your life and keep moving forward towards that goal. Even if currently, it seems very distant, you might do something today that you leap closer to it. Patience, persistence and perseverance makes an unbeatable combination for success.


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