Hey there! I hope everything is fine and flowing. Do let me know in the comment section below what new thing have you tried lately. Duh, that comes from what we discussed in the last post- "Move beyond the familiar".

So, swiftly switching to today's word of thought, I'm going to put forward the most powerful, least expensive yet the most underrated agent of human change - 'Kindness'. Yes, when you practice this, not only do you help others but also yourself.

Starting off, the kind of kindness I'm hinting towards is when you do things for people, not for who they are or what they'll do in return, but because of who you are. The first step towards doing this is realizing that 'you are not losing ANYTHING by being kind'. You only gain from it. Small kindnesses can have a lasting impact. Sometimes it’s just a smile, a small gesture like holding the door for someone or a kind word. When you practice this, you genuinely feel good about the person 'you' are.

Being kind is just one good part of life. It is simple, contagious and it starts with you. We are taught right from childhood-'Be kind', but most of us are not aware of its use in our daily lives. It will take some effort from your side, you'll have to take an initiative to do something kind. But it is important to practice kindness consciously, till it becomes an unconscious habit. Put the effort to do it till it comes naturally to you. Trust me, when we are kind in every gesture of ours, the state of mind we can reach is optimistic and soothing. The world around seems to be so good to us, just because we have been great to it.

"In a world where you can be anything, choose to be kind".


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