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February, EVERY year?!

So, hey there!

I hope the day is treating you well. I would like to ask you: If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress? Most of us must have answered: my family and close friends.

Now, un-blinding the world, how many people do we actually try to impress? Many, right? So, what I am nudging forward here is our constant yearning to impress others. Let’s walk down.

When we look around, we’ll see that most people are getting (or pretending to get) impressed only by what we SHOW them, and not by who we REALLY are. The endless Instagram feeds, the filters, and all the fashion buying- we should do it only if we truly love doing it, and not as a compulsion, in our pursuit to sway others.

But you know what, you can still impress the world, just by being yourself. The simplest way to do this is by taking up something which you love and enjoy doing. This way, you seek satisfaction and joy (for yourself) by what you’re doing and simultaneously make a positive and long-lasting impression. Indulging in activities that you revel in will never feel like a burden. But on the contrary, trying to dazzle people with things that are a weight on you can be very stressful. This means respecting and nurturing your own interests is far more important than catering to the interests of others.

Just like everyone else, you too have something special in you. Let us look for that unique bit of ourselves and then, trust me, 'Who gets impressed?' is not a question that will matter.


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