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For the next few minutes, we'll let our thoughts revolve around the feeling of 'Gratitude' and realize what significance it has. So, what exactly is gratitude? Is it making sure to thank everyone who has helped us, or is it something more than just "Thank you"? The feeling of gratitude that I'm writing about is the habit of acknowledging everything and discarding the sense of for-grantedness. I'll begin with a small activity done by my teacher in fifth grade. She took a big white sheet and placed a small black dot on it. She then asked us what do we see? All of us, including me tried our level best to define the position, size, etc. of the black dot. My teacher then asked us why none of us acknowledged the remaining white background? A realization dawned upon me that day.

We are so busy fixing the odds that in this pursuit we forget to be grateful for the things which are already perfect in our lives. The white background was vast enough to be happy about but we kept on concentrating on that one speck of darkness. It is true that we all have lows and dark times in our lives but weren't there times when we felt the best or experienced the good days? Did we make sure to acknowledge those moments just the way we engulf ourselves in expressing disappointment and grief in rough times? Mostly, no! We take those happy moments and success for granted and then complain that things are not right, most of the times.

It's almost impossible to feel happy without having a sense of gratitude. In fact, gratitude and happiness are inseparable twins and being happy makes us positive. So, let us make sure that we pause and look around now and then to reflect on things that we can be grateful for. We'll feel more blessed, happy and we'll realize that a problem or challenge does not have the right to mask all the wonderfulness which is already existing.


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