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It’s okay to not have a plan, because life happens to you when you are busy planning something else.

Moving on with today’s food for thought, how many of you admit to the fact that there are times when we feel directionless or lack a purpose? As crazy as it sounds, a time when we feel we aren’t even sure about what we want. What everyone presumes here is that having no goals or dreams is pathetic and we need to hunt for one ASAP. With this being the fake guiding light, people adopt plans and goals that are not even truly their own.

So, how can we go about this? How can we become our own source of inspiration??

The answer lies in EXPERIMENTING and doing so FEARLESSLY. Simply tap into your desires, interests, chase the beautiful experiences and see what fulfils your deepest desires. How about not just setting goals that we think we ‘should’ set and instead, consider what we feel is going to totally rock our world- something that will make us feel amazing about ourselves? I say, let’s start with the FEELING, and then get onto DREAMING.

We first need to get the meaning of ‘goal’ right.

We often think of “goal” as something really-really big. Relax! A “goal” is simply something that you’d like to do or achieve. It could be buying a house or getting a job, yes, but please note- it could also be something which might matter to no-one in the world except YOU- maybe like learning to bake a wonderful cake (and eat it all by yourself :P). Please remember it is not big deal if you don’t hit a goal; all that matters is that you want something with ALL YOUR HEART.

In the end, all I’ll say is ‘Embrace the Randomness’, because having everything figured out makes life very boring.


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