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It’s the last part of December and really, really cold out here in Delhi. Anyways, I’ll be glad to know how the last blog about morning routines has worked for you through the week. If you have not checked it out yet, here’s the way to it:

Moving on with what has been riding on my mind, today, I’m going to try and share a very important aspect in our lives. I’ll like to begin with: “One who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. But the one who walks alone is likely to find oneself in places, no one has ever been before.” So, what I’m hinting towards here is the importance of originality.

First, let’s look why should you want to be original and unique?

1) You are being true to yourself. Not fighting with who you are is an ultimate advantage in being true to your uniqueness.

2) You will come up with fresher ideas and new perspectives on old ones. Basically, your creativity will increase greatly.

3) You will learn to navigate with your differences, thereby giving yourself more confidence and self-esteem.

4) People will view you as a person with something interesting to know about! This is because you will stop trying to tread a trodden path and instead make your own way through.

5) At last, you will be happier and more purposeful.

The bottom line on being original boils down to one thing: You were born original with a unique set of characteristics, traits and talents. But, if you go with the flow of the crowd, you will never be who you were born to be. All your life, you’ll just be busy copy-pasting someone’s path and hoping that it would work things for we just the way it did for them. But, that is just not the case! What proved to be beneficial for someone might not do the same for you. Instead, you might require to dig out something newer from within that can actually do the miracles.

Being inspired by someone is a different thing and that’s great. But blandly, copying what is unique to them won’t make you a unique element in the world.

Therefore, Originality. What does it mean to you? Consider a time that you have felt genuinely accomplished after producing an original idea. What a fulfilling feeling that was to have achieved something with your own creative ability. Compare that feeling to the consequential feelings that followed those times when you discovered the idea of another and realized it twisted it into your own. The feeling is not nearly as gratifying.

Originality comes right from our imagination and thought process. It is important to look around and see what positives can we incorporate in our lives. But make sure in the pursuit of ‘incorporating’, you don’t forget to look inside to see something that is your very own!

Therefore, I believe originality is the key to being a successful, happy and peaceful being, with the dignity to show for it.


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