Hi there! Delhi is experiencing one of the coldest Novembers here and owing to the same it took me a while to get out of bed today :p

But anyways, how’s everything going at your end?

It’s a nice day and let’s dive straight into what we are going to discuss today. I read a fact that is so true that I really want to write about it—‘The power of not reacting’. ‘Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it’. There are innumerable times when we react without involving that special element called ‘thought’ and end up losing, damaging and hurting things, situations and people. So, why not take up a newer and a better approach to the process of reacting?!

Life will throw situations that are totally out of the blue and the only way to not let these situations engulf us is to ‘respond’ and not ‘react’. ‘Response’ invites ‘thought’ on a meeting to discuss their approach towards a situation. But on the contrary, ‘reaction’ is unthoughtful and spontaneous- often doing things that are irreversible. So, in the long run, as compared to ‘reaction’, ‘response’ was able to enter into a better deal with ‘situation’.

By being patient and thoughtful in the way we welcome challenges, adversities or criticism, we can prevent regrets and guilt to a great extent. Why do/say something that we ourselves are later unforgiving about. Situations and the things said can’t be reversed- and this is a known fact. Then, why are many of us wanting to go back in time and fix something that we broke, hurt or damaged? The answer to this is- ‘reacting and then regretting’.

So, let’s practice the art of sprinkling some thought before immediately reacting. This way, we can push away the negative elements like lack of faith in our own actions and words.


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