For all the coffee lovers out there, did you know that the 8th of November (today) is Cappuccino Day!

So, hey there! I’m back here with a freshly brewed blog post, and today, we’ll be hovering over one of the most fundamental yet neglected human need- appreciation. Yes, it is often considered an unnecessary nicety. Niceties like please, thank you, that was awesome, and I appreciate you. After all, why should we have to interrupt our busy day to tell someone else we appreciate what they're doing? Aren’t they just being needy? Wrong! The little pat on the back is so powerful that it assures the mind to work forward without slipping into self- doubt. It is a human tendency to feel the drive and purpose when they’re appreciated for it. And consequently, this drive is accompanied by increased efforts and finally results.

So, we all love to be appreciated. But have we realized others love it too? By praising and acknowledging the small things people do, we bring no harm to ourselves. But those little words of appreciation have the potential to instill self-belief in the receiver. It is important that we generously give those positive remarks.

So, let's pause for a moment now and then, to look around and see a myriad of reasons that deserve acknowledgment. Make sure to BE the following while you are practicing appreciation:

~ Be specific

~ Be on time

~ Be genuine

~ Be brief

Start today! You will be amazed at how simply by showing your positive remarks, you will cultivate purpose, perception, and positivity, not just for yourself, but also for the people around you.


pic credits: freepik

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