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It’s the first day of November and a great time for us to move closer to a positive living.

Diving into today’s food for thought, I’d like to ask you: Are you habitual of making a list of what you want (to do/have)? If your answer is ‘yes!’, we are on similar lines. But I recently thought about this habit of mine and have arrived at a conclusion to drop it!

Here’s why:

I believe ‘it’s okay to not know what you want as long you know what you don’t want.’ Where is the need to force ourselves to set our wants when there is an ocean of opportunities that we are unaware of? I think, a better way to define our lines is to list out things that we don’t want and welcome everything else on our way. By doing so, we can acknowledge the opportunities knocking on our doors, even the ones we never thought we wanted. We must realize that every opportunity has the potential to do wonders.

What I mean to say is we should not solely streamline ourselves in the pursuit of achieving our aim while ignoring every other, often bigger opportunities that might come our way.

This is a great way to broaden our spectrums and not narrow down to just the things we know of. There is so much more to be explored by each one of us. Let's just be clear of the things we don't want and try everything else with a positive approach.


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