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Hi all, I am SHREYA NIMBALI, owner of a young mind with a million dreams and wanting to do so much in life. I'm studying in DPS RK Puram. I hail from a normal Indian family, my father, a doctor in the Indian Army and my mother, a dentist. I have a younger sister who is my strongest support system and my biggest critic.

POSITIVITY is something that is of irreplaceable importance to me and I don’t remember living a single moment away from it. I don’t know whether I was born with this state of mind or have taught myself into it but I can assure you, that it has always brought out the best in me. I believe in the fact that OPTIMISM is a feeling that deepens when shared and I wish to transport that vital feeling to as many of you as possible.

To sum up, feed your mind these wise words: “Look for something positive each day, even if some days, you have to look a little harder.”

"I can already see your growth as a writer, your confidence and personal “voice” shows through more and more with each piece of content you write."

~ Ms. Lori Roach

Owner of circlesquareoval.com